Suge Knight is constantly in trouble with the law (and the streets), but the rap mogul just got some good news while in the slammer.

  The ‘Today’ show was minus one this morning and I betcha Billy Bush is hotter than fish grease!! Bush is riding the sideline this morning after being suspended INDEFINITELY after he supposedly “egged-on” Donald Trump during a 2005 interview! I was a little thrown because WHY would they suspend someone over comments that were […]

The people who didn't go support The Birth of A Nation because of Nate Parker's past are the same ones who want an insincere apology from Nate, rather than the real remorse and regret he feels.

Several universities are experimenting with "White Identity Retreats" to calm rising racial tensions on campuses. White students will learn about personal and systemic facets of White privilege.

Kenneth Thompson, Brooklyn, New York’s first African-American district attorney, died of cancer days after taking a leave of absence from his office. He was 50 years old. The New York Times reports that Thompson died at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan with his family at his side. Thompson will be remembered as a progressive […]

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According to Billboard, the Knowles girls just joined an elite group of siblings who both have number one albums.

Nate Parker received serious backlash after his rape trial of 17 years ago hit the mainstream press, which affected the reception of his directorial debut The Birth of a Nation.

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We don’t acknowledge Christopher Columbus but we DO acknowledge these Christopher’s

With Donald Trump’s “lewd comments” coming in less than 48 hours before the debate, one would have thought that the so-called populist Republican candidate would have been more contrite. But that’s not Donald Trump’s style. In fact, he brought no less than three of Bill Clinton sexual assault accusers to the debate with him to […]

Prosecutors charged a Chicago-area personal trainer for transmitting the HIV virus to three women. The man allegedly knew for 15 years that he is HIV positive but did not warn the women.