Russ Parr wants to know what plan President Trump has for the country in rebuilding the economy and keeping people safe after the pandemic. Don’t Miss Out! Follow The Russ Parr Show on Twitter and Instagram  and On Facebook Too! Yesterday Trump was convinced that opening up the country on April 12th wasn’t a good idea and Russ is glad that smarter heads won. He’s praising Mike Pence for ignoring Trump and calling the governors of Michigan and Washington. Trump didn’t want to talk to them because “they’re not being nice.” Pence stepped up […] The State Of The Union Address took place last night and Russ says “the president did not disappoint.” He expected quite a few lies to be told and that’s exactly what Trump did. But he would love for someone at the White House to tell him that “Americans have Google and can instantly fact […] A big Trump supporter in Cleveland, Pastor Scott has been holding events for Black people and paying them to vote for Trump. Russ says “it’s sad” because a lot of these people that they’re paying are one issue voters and they’ll say “Donald Trump gave me money.” But Russ wants to know if you […]