D.C. filed a lawsuit in January 2020 alleging that Trump's inaugural committee improperly spent nonprofit funds.

100 students are walking across the stage debt-free from Wiley College after an anonymous donor pays paid their balances. 

It's been confirmed, the world's richest man now owns Twitter.

Jackson State University received a $50,000 donation from one of its alumni.

A Black newlywed couple out of Los Angeles defied the odds of a traditional five to six figure wedding price tag by saving big and only shelling out a whopping $500 on the entire ceremony. 

Dr. Richardson breaks down items you need to know surrounding Tax Day and preparing for next season.

While it is not technically illegal, at least 55 major corporations pay no corporate taxes.  

Checkout these job listings in the DMV!

Checkout these job listings in the DMV!

Across the U.S, gas prices have soared and the D.C. area is no exception.

workers at Target stores and distribution centers in places like New York, where competition for finding and hiring staff is the fiercest, could see starting wages as high as $24 an hour this year.

This is a sad situation all around as the Ol' Dirty Bastard's cousin, Robert Diggs a.k.a The RZA owns and operates Wu-Tang Clan Productions.