His Royal Highness, Prince returned to Warn-a-brother (jk) Warner Brothers Records in a deal that will see him regain ownership of his musical catalog…which is quite extensive. For Prince fans this is HUGE news, because of potential re-releases, unreleased music, etc. You can read the full story by clicking here. Follow me with more fun […]

It wouldn’t be ‘Scandal’ without a few devastating plot twists and last night’s episode was no exception. Following the revelation that there is a missing bomb somewhere in Washington D.C., Fitz is put on White House arrest while the gladiators, Rowan Pope, and Jake Ballard are forced to work together to find it. This change […]

So it seems Anita Baker just didn’t know. According to our friends at TMZ.com, Anita was “in the dark” because she never got served legal papers. Considering this incident originally happened in 2009, she may have a valid point. You can read the rest of the story by clicking here.

Robin Thicke’s getting his man card pulled by estranged wife Paula Patton. She recently filed for divorce, and he has been on a mission to get her back. This has included breaking down publicly during performances recently, and according to this article, he needs to stop…immediately. In MY opinion, I know it’s tough for him […]

Bruce Jenner, Olympic hero; Somehow still relevant nearly 40 years after gracing millions of boxes of Wheaties; Recently separated from his wife Kris Jenner after over 20 years of marriage. Most men in his position have a mid or later life crisis…With Bruce this does not appear to be the case. TMZ posted some rather […]

As the music industry gets ready to toot it’s own horn tonight, culminated by the 55th annual Grammy Awards, homage is paid to one of the industry greats the night before. Record mogul Clive Davis has been having these pre-Grammy bashes for years, and last night was no different. To read and see about the […]

By her own admission, Jennifer Hudson is having a “fantastic and surreal year.” The Oscar and Grammy winner, who will receive a star Wednesday, Nov. 13, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her music work, kicked off 2013 with a trifecta of high-profile performances: the presidential inauguration, the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. See Video

  Mariah Carey tweeted her husband Nick Cannon a happy 33rd birthday on Tuesday tweeting a close-up photo of her bra busting boobs with the message, “I’m waiting on youuuu.” Is this a coincidence? Bossip reported that Mariah’s tweet came directly after the Enquirer contacted their reps concerning a story about the celebrity couple’s marriage […]

Celebrities sometimes have wardrobe malfunctions. Unzipped zippers, too much cleavage, etc. This week at a concert in New Jersey, singer Toni Braxton pretty much had her dress fall off from the back, and didn’t seem to notice! Maybe she didn’t sing in another life… Check out the video on the next page

Jay Z and Beyonce continue to build loyalty in their personal hip hop kingdom.  Reportedly, the power couple doled out over $4 million in bonuses to their staff of 80, which roughly averages out to $45,000 a piece. In this age of austerity, some people seem to understand how to motivate productivity. Read more about it here.

Lamar, Lamar, Lamar. This brother right here might have to do some serious explaining now. At first it was only his mistresses friend speaking out to the media but now Jennifer Richardson herself has been interviewed by STAR Magazine and the video is out. She talks about their relationship, the things that have gone on […]

Artist Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” has to be one of the most popular songs playing in everyone’s ears right now. Can anyone think of a better way to be honored as an artist than having a President do a parody of your songs? I can’t. Well our legendary Bill Clinton is the main character in […]