One of the BIGGEST issues with the city of Baltimore besides the crime, is the drugs. Could there be a correlation between the two? Possibly. There are people who spend their days trying to rid the city and people of drug use to make the city better. There are also people spend their days pumping […]

The two police officers that were found guilty last week Daniel Hersl and Officer Marcus Taylor were found guilty of racketeering and robbery during a federal trial. The cases they were involved with could be affected because of them being guilty. The States Attorney is looking into how she starts the investigation with the past cases. […]

After deliberations for the Korryn Gaines wrongful death civil trial, the jury has awarded her family $37 million in damages.

A state lawmaker wants some school employees in Maryland to carry guns during school hours. Some at the statehouse are debating they would be outmanned by a mass shooter, so they’re backing a bill to address the issue. Del. Richard Impallaria said: “A school board can set up a program to let certain school employees […]

The police department in Baltimore has been going through some tough times over the past few years and last year, really put the spotlight on Baltimore with murders skyrocketing. In 2017, Baltimore set a record with 343 murders in the city, so Mayor Catherine Pugh had to make some changes for 2018. She made Darryl De Sousa […]

After 2 Baltimore City Police officers were convicted in a police corruption trial and 6 others pled guilty,Del. Bilal Ali, sent a proposal to Mayor Pugh and interim Police Chief on what should happen next. He suggested that we need to “disband” the police department. According to The Baltimore Sun, Ali’s statement read, “I write […]

A Baltimore Delegate is proposing that the Baltimore Police Department disband. This follows the corruption trial that centered around a group of officers who used their police powers to rob people. Democratic Bilal Ali, who represents Baltimore said: “I think we need to put other options on the table… I propose the Police Commissioner and […]

12 days of no homicides in the city of Baltimore has come to an end.

If you have been waiting for it, it's officially here.