His highest hurdles behind him, Bobby V. is poised to reclaim his peerless place in the music world.

We’re praying for a speedy recovery for those involved in a crash that happened around 10:40am this morning at Barclay Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore. https://twitter.com/ShelleyOFox45/status/972146671189676037 According to reports, a vehicle slammed into Barclay Elementary/Middle School this morning injuring 1 adult and 5 kids. Everyone involved were taken to a hospital to be checked. A spokesperson […]

Guess we all can go back to not driving to go to work. The Metro Subway service is back working. I know it was hell trying to find other ways to get to school, work, and wherever. Hopefully they fixed everything. So to everybody that rides the subway…safe travels..  

I remember it was time when you could leave your front door open, but now ….these people are crazy http://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/help-find-owings-mills-burglar-caught-on-camera

I hope you’re geeking like I am about April 27th. Man my fat self will be watching the entire order of “The Avengers“. From Captain America to Black Panther. You wanna do it? …..Here’s the order to do it. Thank me later :-) Or you can just come over my house….B.Y.O.F LOL https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/mcu-timeline-watch-order-marvel-cinematic-universe-film-movie-tv-show-netflix-avengers-black-panther-a8210821.html  

Man listen….I’m so tired of this damn snow! But I can’t get so mad….It’s still Winter. We keep forgetting that March is still Winter soooooo UP YOURS PUNXSUTAWNEY! But make sure you watch the news for school closings and delays

Baltimore’s own Michael Phelps who has more Olympic Medals than anybody else in History is speaking up for others in the games. Michael Phelps said he wanted to die after going through post Olympic depression and wants something done about it for other Olympic Athletes. He said it gets bad and he simply wanted to […]