The University of Maryland Baltimore County men's basketball team has had quite a run this season.

The FBI has taken custody of multiple suspicious packages sent to military locations in the Washington, DC area, a law enforcement official said Monday. The official said two of the packages were sent to Fort Belvoir and Fort McNair. At least one package, sent to the National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington, DC, […]

When prayers go up, blessings come down. When it comes to the killings here in Baltimore City, we definitely need to be blessed with fewer deaths. Over the weekend, political and religious leaders gathered at the steps of City Hall for the “Blessing Of The City”. One of the points that stood out during the […]

Have you ever been to one? A “silent” or as we call them a “hush” party. No big speakers killing your ears. Just headphones and 3 DJs playing different genres of music. Make sure you hit up DJ BEazy at Eazy Rentals if you want to go to the next one. But if you never […]

It’s been two days since the shooting at Great Mills Highschool that left one person dead and 2 students in critical condition. On Tuesday, Austin Rollins, was killed after shooting his rumored girlfriend Jaelynn Willey and a freshmen at the school. At the time of the shooting, it wasn’t clear what the motive behind the […]

Wondering if school’s closed tomorrow? We got you covered! Please Lord…..have City schools open LOL  

Spring really didnt get a warm welcome because the winter weather was’nt done! The Baltimore region may face what they are calling the biggest winter storm of the season Tuesday going into Wednesday. With this nasty weather comes a few school closings check out the list below & as more schools are added we […]

Anyone who wants to go to college ALWAYS dreamed of it being FREE, especially the parents of their son/daughter doesn’t get a scholarship. Well, if Baltimore County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz, plan goes throuh, students attending community college will have that oppurtunity. On Monday, Kamenetz announced his proposal for his fiscal year 19, includes a Baltimore […]

Baltimore City, we have got to do better. In a report issued by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Baltimore City has come in at the bottom of the pack for the least healthy jurisdiction in Maryland. There are 30 factors that the report considers when doing the ranking. They consider education, jobs, housing, exercise, commuting times and others. […]

After just announcing her run to remain at Baltimore City State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby along with other law officials announced a MAJOR drug bust that was operating out of Cherry Hill. Yesterday, they held a news conference announcing the indictment of senior members of a drug trafficking group. Fox Baltimore reports, “In 2016, the law enforcement […]

Man, if anybody knows how hard it is to lose weight is me. But thanks to my loving wife and meal prep queen Geisha I’ve went from 318 to 298 in like 2 weeks. here’s 5 things to stay away from if your trying to lose weight.

The number of deaths in Baltimore City was at an all-time high last year. Before they have the chance to grow this year, law makers are in the middle of doing something about it. A bill that encompasses several crime fighting initiatives have been combined into one to help with solving the crime problem. Parts […]