Travel & Leisure

Most people are waiting for COVID-19 to go away so we can get back to normal life.  But it's becoming more and more apparent that life as we knew it before COVID is a thing of the past.  One of the major things that looks like it has changed for good is travel.

Celebrity News

A$AP Rocky was recently spotted landing in Barbados for a holiday getaway. Considering the Harlem rapper is rumored to be romantically involved with an island native named Rihanna, it's not a leap to guess who he'll be kicking it with.

Though coronavirus cases continue to rise, Southwest Airlines are planning to go back to its pre-COVID routine.  

Dollaride encourages individuals to invest in their business and make affordable transportation available to anyone, anywhere, starting with those living in transit deserts.

Delta Air Lines is reportedly the first airline to continue its flights between the US and China after many of their employees test positive for COVID-19.

Life is on sale and millennials are taking full advantage! The influential generation is living under the mantra of “yolo” (you only live once) during the coronavirus and capitalizing on cheap airline flights to travel. People are canceling flights, self quarantining and wiping out stores of anything that can kill germs.  Instead of taking precautions, […]