VIA WOMEN’S HEALTH: Preventing Heat Related Illness Did you know that about 318 Americans die every year of heat-related illnesses, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)? The sad fact is that most of these deaths are preventable — if the victims understood the realities of dehydration and heat-related illness more clearly. Regular exercise, […]

VIA DUMB CROOKS: 11 things not to say to a cop when he pulls you over: 1. I can’t reach my license unless you hold my beer. 2. Hey, is that a 9mm? That’s nothing compared to this 44 magnum. 3. Hey, you must have been doing 125 to keep up with me, good job. […]

VIA ALMOST A DAD: 10 things not to say to a pregnant woman: 1. “I think cankles are sexy.” Insulting and sarcastic, this one will cost you. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term cankles, it is when a person’s ankles are as wide as their calves.
Calves + ankles = cankles. 2. […]

VIA ORGANIZED HOME: By Cynthia Ewer Move over, summer–a new school year is coming! With the start of school, families face new organization challenges. School bells ring–and so do early-morning alarm clocks. Shorter autumn days bring a hectic round of sports, activities and events, and calendars fill with cryptic notes. Can the holidays be far […]

VIA BLACK DOCTOR: By Nicole Smith, BDO Staff Writer Have you heard the saying “The family that prays together stays together?” Well, the same can saying can apply to the family that eats together. When was the last time your family sat down and enjoyed dinner together? With music lessons, ball practice, play rehearsal, and […]

VIA TODAY SHOW: By Joy Bauer How can you easily improve your family’s daily diet without much hassle? Getting your kids to eat nutrient-packed meals doesn’t have to take a lot of work. Just a few simple changes, like buying the right vegetables or substituting condiments, can put them on the road to healthier eating. […]

VIA EHOW.COM: The best way to avoid a hangover, of course, is never to drink at all. But if abstinence is not a part of your plans, check out these proven techniques. Step 1 Eat before you drink. Starchy carbohydrates such as bread and pasta will slow the absorption of alcohol. Step 2 Avoid very […]

VIA CNN: LONDON, England (CNN) — A spectacular superyacht has been designed by an internationally renowned urban planning architect in a very unusual shape. The planned 76-meter long “Oculus,” which is designed for 12 guests, looks like a large sea creature, with one end looking uncannily like the jaw and eye socket of a shark […]

VIA WEB MD: Are stretch marks getting under your skin? When Adrienne Nugent of San Antonio gave birth to her third child, she was dismayed to see that the stretch marks from her earlier pregnancies — which she had diligently tried to minimize with topical creams and ointments — had multiplied.She’d heard that stretch marks […]

VIA INSURANCE.COM: Eating While Driving: Dangerous Foods – It’s a fact. Cutting back on everyday driving distractions will help you save money on car insurance.’s study of accidents and traffic tickets shows that the average auto insurance rate increases 22 percent following the first accident and 13 percent after the first ticket. Avoid these […]

VIA CAREER BUILDER: 5 Examples of Workplace Rudeness Are you rude? You rarely steal candy from toddlers. You don’t trip people on crutches anymore. You can’t even remember the last time you made someone cry.  All in all, you could do a lot worse. You might not be in the running for a Good Samaritan […]

VIA PARENTING: Are you a single parent who is looking to be a better Mother or Father to your children? Single parenting can be very rough and exhausting. Unfortunately, single-parent families are becoming more and more common today than ever before, it is never easy on the parent or the child. And increasingly large groups […]