VIA WEB MD: The heart attack gap between men and women is narrowing in good and bad ways for women. Two new studies show that the number of heart attacks is rising among middle-aged women and falling among men, but the risk of death after a heart attack is improving more for women than for […]

VIA YAHOO HEALTH: By Dr. Maoshing Ni The good news is that your body was designed to be 100 — but, you have to get out of the way. Getting out of the way means taking an honest look at the habits and lifestyle you are living with today. Most of us have developed habits […]

VIA HOW STUFF WORKS: Either by accident or faulty manufacturing, household consumer products injure an estimated 33.1 million people in the United States every year [source: Consumer Product Safety Commission]. These incidents rack up an astonishing $800 billion in related expenses from death, injury or property damages [source: Consumer Product Safety Commission]. The Consumer Product […]

VIA EHOW: By Laurie W. While rules are different for men than women–and yes, that may sound sexist, but it’s true–enjoying life in general after 40 can be an art. That means taking vacations you’ve always dreamed of, getting out of relationships that no longer work, learning a new language, trying a new career and […]

VIA HOW STUFF WORKS: By Chris Obenschain The economy’s in the tank, you’re worried about losing your job (or you may have already lost it) and money is tight. You’d like to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude, but just can’t find the time, energy or emotional stability to keep wearing that happy face. Don’t worry, […]

VIA ELEV8: All these years later, a lot of people still think that the only way to shed excess fat is to eat a bland diet or choke down foods they dislike. Luckily, that just isn’t true. Not only can you eat well while you’re shedding excess fat, it’s highly recommended that you do so. […]

VIA CDC: Getting check-ups is one of many things you can do to help stay healthy and prevent disease and disability. You’ve made the appointment to see your health care provider. You’ve reviewed the instructions on how to prepare for certain tests. You’ve done the usual paperwork. Done, right? Not quite. Before your next check-up, […]

VIA AOL FOOD: Did you know that milk and vinegar can nix stains, butter can save your precious baubles, and corn starch gets you and your kids out of knotty problems? Read on for smart and unexpected household uses for peanut butter, vinegar, potatoes, and plenty more. Peanut Butter To get gum out of a […]

VIA YAHOO!: Find out how to rebuild your bond after a wrecking ball hits your relationship — and learn how to sidestep couple-killers in the future. #1. Having an affair with his “potential” Wanting your man to be the best version of himself is admirable, but approaching his looks and personality with “Extreme Makeover” ambition […]

VIA MSNBC: U.S. consumers have been bombarded with reports of contaminated food in recent years, from salmonella in peanut butter and spinach to E. coli in cookie dough and ground beef. Individually, the outbreaks are alarming, but collectively, they represent what the consumers’ group Center for Science in the Public Interest calls “a perfect storm […]

VIA TOTAL BEAUTY: Here’s what we absolutely know about cellulite: you can’t “cure” it, women are more likely to have it, and it ain’t pretty. What causes cellulite isn’t so clear. Hormones and genetics definitely play a role (thanks, mom), but Howard Murad, M.D., dermatologist, and CEO/founder of Murad, Inc., says lifestyle factors that damage […]

VIA MICROSOFT: By Joanna L. Krotz Like it or not, office romances happen. Often. Most employers, from globetrotting CEOs to neighborhood shop owners, are bound to encounter a workday moment when the rumor about an employee couple rises to the level of confirmed entanglement. In fact, office affairs seem to be on the rise. The […]