VIA ASSOCIATED CONTENT: Very rare is the physician’s office that runs on time. I, like most people, cringe when the receptionist announces that the doctor is running late. I have learned to be prepared for such occasions. Here is a list of things to do while waiting at a doctor’s office or anywhere else where […]

VIA SHINE.YAHOO: We all know that clear nail polish is a great finishing coat for a manicure, and I’d guess that most have even heard that it can be used to keep a run in a panty hose from spreading, but there are scores of other uses for the stuff in and around your home. […]

VIA SHINE.YAHOO: It’s important to remember to show your keyboard some love every now and then both for the sake of good hygiene and to ensure it functions properly. Those keys take quite a beating everyday, and all the little crevices are excellent at trapping things like dust and hair, and if you ever eat […]

VIA NATURAL SOLUTIONS: We all know that tension can wreak havoc on our eating patterns. But the right (healthy!) foods can often help tame mindless munching and cravings and, better yet, actually lower overall anxiety and its symptoms. Eight of our favorites: Dark Chocolate High in flavonoids, which are lauded for their relaxing properties (chamomile […]

VIA National Allergy Bureau: With the peak of the spring allergy season fast approaching, millions of Americans are keeping their tissue boxes close by and trying to decide whether a walk in the park is really such a good idea. The budding trees and blooming flowers associated with the early return of spring mark an […]

VIA MSNBC: By Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg As a pediatrician, the most common confession I hear from parents is that they are scared of making a horrible mistake when it comes to their child’s health. The Smart Parent’s Guide gives parents my insider’s tips and strategies to avoid common blunders in the all-night pharmacy, the emergency […]

VIA YAHOO FINANCE: A big part of maintaining the boss-employee relationship is to never allow a boss to think you dislike your work, are incapable of doing it, or–worse–consider it beneath you.These sound like no-brainers, but many statements heard commonly around the workplace violate these basic rules. Looking for an example? Here are seven heard […]

VIA YAHOO HOTJOBS: You can make more money with less classroom time than you might think. Nearly one third of people who hold associate’s degrees earn more money than those with bachelor’s degrees, according to a report released by Demos, a research and advocacy organization. Part of the reason these two-year degrees can lead to […]

VIA WEB MD: Bedwetting can damage the child’s self-image and confidence. The best way to prevent this is to be supportive. Parents should reassure the child that bedwetting is a common problem and that they are confident that the child will overcome the problem. Along with supporting your child emotionally, there are a number of […]

VIA YOURTANGO.COM: We’ll say it straight up: There’s no good reason in the world to hang onto these habits. They aren’t helping. 1. Nagging, nagging, nagging. We know about the squeaky wheel, but complaining loud and long gets you only short-term gains and builds up powerful discontent on your spouse’s side. 2. Blaming, criticizing, and […]

VIA READER’S DIGEST: Find out what you should and shouldn’t be paying for when you travel. Be careful of extra leg-room charges Some airlines are now offering extra leg-room seats. Here’s the catch: they will charge you upwards of $59 for that premium. Don’t fall for it. If it is the only seat available on […]

VIA FAMILY EDUCATION: Introducing Kids to Money Money gives people — both young and old — decision-making opportunities. Educating, motivating, and empowering children to become regular savers and investors will enable them to keep more of the money they earn and do more with the money they spend. Everyday spending decisions can have a far […]