80’s and early 90’s fashion is back with a vengeance and this includes hair trends.  Remember the funky fresh lines and hair designs that were influenced by hip-hop culture’s graffiti art?  Well those are back too.  Mostly men, and few brave women,  are rockin’ this resurrected trend with a modern flair.  Since I’ve already done […]

When I was in my teens, I had an image of the person I wanted to be and I did everything I could to exhibit those personality traits.  In trying to exhibit those characteristics, I’m quite sure I went overboard.  Well into adulthood, I am that person I wanted to be when I was a teen.  There […]

“Most of us live in carefully crafted boxes.  Good, bad or indifferent the boxes we live in are comfort zones.  Within these boxes, all of our experiences (professional, social, intellectual, and spiritual) are like reenactments of Michael Keaton in Groundhog Day.  We experience the same patterns of thinking, being, and doing over and over and […]

“Rap mogul Jay Z recently fell under criticism for song lyrics that stated, “Just for clarity my presence is charity.” While the bravado of that statement may leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, we all could benefit from adopting a smidgen of Hova’s mentality. So often we CHOOSE to surround ourselves with people that […]

Last night, the Friday Night Dance Party at Martini’s turned all the way up!  DJ Rico was killing the 1’s and 2’s and all the ladies followed April Watts’s request to show off their legs rock stiletto heels.  But much to April’s surprise, real life Black Cowboys showed up at Martini’s with hats, boots, and […]

One of the latest beauty trends is “mood polish”.  These super fun nail polishes (and gels) change color based on your body temperature.  I’m completely enjoying my mood gel that is a beautiful neutral when I’m warm and turns orange when I’m cool.  A big shout to my manicurist Yasha Frazier at Techni Color in […]

“We wear so many hats and play so many roles: boss, employee, parent, child, friend, spouse, lover and so on. While all of these roles are important, none of them define who we are at our very core. When we allow these roles to define our very being the ultimate result is unhappiness, lack of […]

We had a blast wrapping up the 12 week series of Wind Down Thursdays at The Boulevard At Capital Centre.  The Infinite Band featuring Marcus Young provided amazing sounds and Sugar Bear of EU made a surprise guest appearance.  Once Sugar Bear hit the stage “Wind Down Thursdays” became “Turn Up At The Boulevard”.  The […]

“Many of us have BIG dreams. Get excited about the big picture!  But, don’t forget, success is a journey and not a destination.  It is critical to happiness, fulfillment, and perspective that we recognize and celebrate every accomplishment along the way. You never know which accomplishment may be your last and it would be a […]

“The only thing about being a “jerk” [or insert word of choice] is you have to be one all the time. Classification is how the human mind makes sense of the world. Colleagues and associates don’t have the time or the desire to gauge our shifts in mood or to understand the reasons for our […]

“Treat yourself how you want others to treat you. No matter what we profess, how we treat ourselves tells others exactly the treatment we expect and believe we deserve from others. Want love? Love yourself. Want respect? Respect yourself. Want consideration? Stop putting yourself last on your priority list. How can we expect others to […]