The public release of the video that shows former NFL running back Ray Rice slugging his fiancee (now wife) and pulling her unconscious body out of an elevator has challenged me to ponder some larger issues.  Of course I thought about domestic violence.  As I began to think deeper, it occurred to me that our society has a […]

I got the chance to hang out with Tank in the studio.  He is always personable and has a positive attitude.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes. *kitten purr*  Voluptuous ladies, you’ll be happy to know Tank says he doesn’t mind “lady cakes” and “kangaroo pouches”!  lol  How can you not love […]

LOVING my “Sunshine” nails on this gray day. It’s amazing how something as simple as the appearance of your nails can positively affect your mood. My nail stylist knows exactly what to do. Since Fall is around the corner, she weatherized my hands and feet. They feel super soft. SIDE NOTE: For all my audiofiles…I’m a […]

Hey Lovie!   I had something I needed to share with you at the precise moment I recorded this. No make up. No pretense. Just me and my message. I hope you feel me on it.  If you’ve ever wondered what drives me, here’s a glimpse.   Make life beautiful!   Follow @aprilwattslive on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

When R&B singer Joe and I took this selfie, he noticed how nice our skin looked and asked if I was using a photo filter.  I said, “No.  Chocolate looks good in natural light.”  What?!  It’s true! I gave Joe a trade secret and now I’m sharing it with you.  If you have darker skin, […]

This is my current situation. My nail stylist gave me a classy and elegant manicure that is very much in trend. This look would totally work in a professional (non-conservative) office atmosphere. Now is a super fun time in fashion and style.  For the most part, there are no rules and anything goes (Caveat:  If […]

Believe in yourself! Invest in yourself! Don’t sell yourself short or play yourself cheap. I gather inspiration from the stories of many people that have achieved some level of greatness.  Sylvester Stallone‘s journey to getting the movie “Rocky” green lit is one such story.   Stallone turned down $300,000 (today’s equivalent of $1 Million) for […]

“I’ve been drinkin’ watermelon…”  One hundred percent real watermelon juice.  Refereshing!   Avacado roles (the shell is coconut), vegan tuna salad, collard greens and spicy cauliflower.  Everything is raw except the vegan tuna salad.

Nashville star Hayden Panettiere was spotted in Italy with her fiance’, boxing champ Wladamir Klitschko.  While we think Hayden is an amazing looking Mommy to be, her baby bump bearing outfit was all sorts of wrong.  There are moments when expecting moms strategically show off their baby bumps.  With the right styling and appropriate context, the […]

  As part of DCTV’s 25th Anniversary, the community network hosted a speaker series that included a media panel called, “A Woman’s Road To Excellence.”  April Watts (Majic 102.3) was invited to share a panel with other phenomenal women that are leaders in the industry:  Sonya Gavankar (Newseum), Abby Fenton (WJLA), and Jennifer Nycz-Connor (Washington Business Journal). […]

  Eighteen days into my 30 Day Vegan Challenge and life is still good.  Kale and Brussels Sprouts are my favorite and curry and garlic are my new best friends.  Caveat: curry and garlic both come out of your pores.  The meal below was delicious.  Curry Raw Veggies, Garlic Kale, and Couscous Salad.  The Green […]

Earlier this month, Amber Rose was spotted leaving a Beverly Hills restaurant looking boho chic in an all white ensemble.  Not only is Amber looking easy breezy, she is completely in trend. TREND WATCH:  Crop Tops, Cut Out Detail, Wide Leg Pants GET THE LOOK:  Wide leg pants of various colors and styles are popping up all […]