It’s All Black Music

Once upon a time in “music business land,” the remix was heavily sought after and appreciated. Producers would put their all into creating a “spin-off” to a song to create a new sound.

It goes without saying that Kanye West, who celebrated a birthday yesterday, is one of hip-hop’s greatest producers.

Baltimore-bred Paula Campbell is a rising R & B star. She has worked with famous writers and producers including Ne-Yo, Warren Campbell and Troy Oliver. Campbell was raised on the West Side of Baltimore and attended Frederick Douglass High School. She took singing lessons as a teenager and sang in vocal groups with Tamar Braxton and Blu Cantrell. Her participation […]

soul (Middle English, from Old English sawol) – 1. the animating and vital principle in human beings, credited with the faculties of thought, actions and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity. 2. a sense of ethnic pride among African-Americans, expressed in areas such as language, social customs, religion and music.

Tank, born Darrell Babbs, is an r&b singer, songwriter and producer. Although born in Milwaukee, he was raised in Clinton, Md. Did you know that Tank was an athlete but chose to follow his passion for music? He sang background for and went on tour with Ginuwine. In 2001, he released his debut album, Force Of Nature, which […]

Marvin Isley, bass player for the legendary Isley Brothers, died June 6th from complications of diabetes at 56.

On the extended version of his 1988 single “I Wish U Heaven,” Prince sang “Take this beat / I don’t mind / Got plenty others / and they’re so fine!”

Prince & Beyoncé’s opening performance at the 2004 Grammy Awards may as well have been the opening and closing performance.

From Music can tell a story, assuage our sorrows, provide blessing and redemption, and express a soul’s sublime and powerful beauty. It inspires us…

jubilee (Biblical) – 1. in Hebrew Scriptures, a year of rest to be observed by the Israelites every 50th year during which slaves were to be set free. 2. celebrations held by African-American slaves, usually at Christmas and Easter, which included respite from labor, feasting, music and dancing.

Today marks the 68th anniversary of the birth of one of black music’s greatest songwriters, Curtis Mayfield.

Led Zeppelin is considered by many to be one of the greatest bands in the history of rock music, but their roots clearly lie in the tradition of the blues.