On Friday, The Sugarhill Gang performed with Melle Mel and Trouble Funk to bring in the opening of The Hip-Hop Museum Pop Up at the Blind Whino SW Arts Club at 700 Delaware Avenue SW. The month-long celebration of Hip-Hop began with live performances by the Sugarhill Gang, Melle Mel, and Grandmaster Caz, who were all […]

A college student in South Carolina got a Christmas windfall. Collin Goff, a student at the University of South Carolina was gifted lottery scratch off tickets along with the rest of his cousins at the family Christmas celebration in Florence. When he scratched off his ticket, was he in for a surprise. Goff said the […]

Honestly, Pat Boone is not normally a guy you’ll read about on this website. Boone was the crooner of many whitewashed R&B songs of the 1950s who allegedly made a fortune at the expense of others. This past week, Boone lost his wife, Shirley of 65 years. “We lived a wonderful, blessed life together for 65 […]

We’ve all heard of Mixed Martial Arts, probably even seen a fight or two. But we never think in real life, that we’ll experience it on some level, not even the potential criminals among us. But Kevin Hart tried to warn us: Brazillian MMA fighter Polyana Viana had to teach a a thief the lesson the […]

One hit wonder and son of Motown founder Berry Gordy, Kennedy Gordy, is in some legal hot water. Gordy, famous for his 80’s hit “Somebody’s Watching Me” got arrested late this past November after allegedly beating a woman with a chair. The woman was working for Gordy and on the night of November 29, she […]

As of this writing, 800,000 federal workers are basically being held hostage by the President of the United States. The government shutdown is at 16 days because of a dispute between President Trump and the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. As we heard throughout Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, he wants to build a “big beautiful wall’ […]

Last night at the 67th Miss Universe pageant, history was made as Angela Ponce, Miss Spain 2018 competed for the coveted title. The reason why this is historic is that she is the first openly transgender contestant. “It’s important that people can see you to feel that they have a positive reference,” Ponce says. “It’s important that people […]

A gadget retail site called BankMyCell recently did a survey of 1,200 respondents between the ages of 22 and 37 to find out why they love their smartphones except for talking on them. For the question, which of the following situations would make you avoid an incoming call? 75% answered time consuming calls and 64% […]

Florida driver Ricardo Portillo-Gonzalez was pulled over in the Tampa suburb of Port Ritchie. He had been observed swerving and hitting guardrails on opposite sides of the road. When officers administered a breathalyzer, Mr. Portilli-Gonzalez blew a .66. That’s a POINT SIXTY-SIX! As most (should) know, the legal limit to drive is .08. This man […]

The United States Postal Service has honored two more legends of the entertainment field. Marvin Gaye and Gregory Hines have been announced as the latest honored figures to be featured on a postage stamp. They join other historical African American figures such as Rosa Parks, Lena Horne and Maya Angelou, to name a few.

This past Sunday, Washington Football Team QB Alex Smith broke his leg…33 years to the day that former Washington Football Team QB Joe Theisman had his leg broken. But the coincidence doesn’t stop there. Check this out: Both injuries occurred on the 40 yard line Both games ended in a 23-21 score Both injuries occurred […]

A woman who identified herself as a Reformed Republican seems to have pulled one on Trump supporters. She presented herself on Twitter in a MAGA hat saying: “I will not hide any longer,, [sic] the left has made us feel as if us black republicans [sic] should hide!! but not anymore!! #BlacksForTrump #WalkAway #maga.” She got […]