Bethany Frankel feels a kinship with black women because she’s been characterized as “loud”. Also (according to her) if you’re a woman of color, and you own your own business, you should probably get a white guy to represent it. As you can imagine, these comments by Ms. Frankel (given at the women’s entrepreneurial summit, Rent The […]

Eric Grantham, who has hung out on the show a few times, and continues to uplift us with his spirit, had surgery today as he continues to struggle with his health. We wanted to give you an update on his condition. Check it out:    

Bill O’Reilly continues to be a racist ass who has a broadcast platform weeknights on Fox News Channel. From his meltdowns over Beyonce and Ludacris in the past, to his own upbringing in Levittown, Long Island (an early example of white flight), O’Reilly continues to leave little doubt about his racial preferences, though continuing to […]

Today was a very sad day for us in the radio world. Our friend, Doug Banks passed away at the age of 57 after suffering through some illnesses. Donnie had some thoughts of his own to share including a very little known fact about Doug in his youth(about :55 in) Rest In Paradise Doug….

Loyal listener Tina Harris stopped by ‘The Donnie Simpson Show’ to hang out with the crew for minute. The afternoon party is on from 3-7pm, weekdays on Majic 102.3.  

DJ Dirty Rico showed up before Traffic Jam Relief w/his WWE Spinner World Title belts. Timmy and Ric Chill went nuts, and proved Donnie’s theory once again that: “girls become women, boys…just get older”

You never know who is going to fall into the gig…or when!

The Jackson family is concerned Michael’s only daughter Paris is dating a racist. Michael Snoddy, who’s white, has a tattoo of a confederate flag on his forearm. His point is: “If I were racist, I wouldn’t be dating a black girl”. You can read more by clicking here

Huggy Lowdown brings his unique perspective on things

17 year old Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna just got accepted into all 8 Ivy League schools, and M.I.T. The high school senior has not yet decided where she will go. More about the story can be read by clicking here.

The ‘People Vs. OJ Simpson’ aired it’s last installment of the series last night (hint: he was acquitted…lol) The guys will miss the show, but somehow the discussion veered toward the Kardashian family and conspiracies. Give it a listen:  

29 years ago, Sugar Ray Leonard came out of retirement after 2 years to fight Marvin Hagler at Caesar’s Palace. He shocked the world by getting a split decision over Hagler, and becoming the undisputed middleweight champion of the world. Leonard retired in 1997, with a record of 36-3-1, having won 7 world championships.