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FEATURED: Cowboy Bill Pickett (Photo: Tumblr)

1778: William Cuffay was born (Died: 1870) Cuffay was the leader of the 1st mass political movement of the British working class.

1884: The African American Medical Society was founded.

1889: Lafayette A. Tillman was born (Died: 1914). He was a soldier, a scholar and one of the 1st African-Americans to be appointed to the Kansas City police force.

1922: Double bassist Aaron Bell was born (Died: 2003).

1970: Otis Span passed away. A blues musician whom many consider to be the leading postwar Chicago blues pianist.

1937: Jazz saxophonist Joe Henderson was born (Died 2001).

1944: Cowboy Bill Pickett passed away.

1964: Actor, comedian and director Cedric the Entertainer was born.

1964: Actor and former fashion model Djimon Housou was born.

1972: James M. Rodger, Jr. the 1st Black named National Teacher of the year was honored at a White House ceremony.

1972: Robert Wedgeworth became the 1st African American Director of the American Library Association.

1974: Actor Derek Luke was born.

1976: ‘Love Hangover’ by Diana Ross was released.

1982: Stevie Wonder’s duet with Paul McCartney ‘Ebony & Ivory’ reached #1 in Britain & remained there for seven weeks.

1992: Iman and David Bowie got married.

2004: Roy Veal was found hanged from a tree in Mississippi. He lived in Washington but went to Mississippi to settle a land dispute. The land had been in his family for decades. The case went cold.

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