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As lifelong devotees to Prince’s music, we can’t help but get a little excited whenever a new Prince song drops, even if we know that we’re gonna be anywhere from slightly to very disappointed in the song.

But when you’ve made stuff as great as “Let’s Work,” “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker,” and “All My Dreams” (yeah, we’re nerding out with the obscure cuts), the bar has been set pretty high.

Earlier this year, Prince dropped the album 20Ten in various periodicals throughout Europe, and as of today, the album still hasn’t been released officially in the United States.  However, last week, the Prince rumor mill started swirling that a deluxe edition of the album was on its way and might make it Stateside.   That rumor grew once a new song called “Rich Friends” had been aired on a European radio station.

Early this morning, “Rich Friends” debuted on New York’s KTU radio station which may mean that audiences in the US may get to hear 20Ten (legally) after all.  And that’s a good thing.  20Ten is probably the most accessible, and most Prince-like Prince album in quite some time. Check out “Sticky Like Glue” for example.

So how is “Rich Friends?”

Well, it’s not great, but it’s not as awful as the song he wrote for the Minnesota Vikings.

It won’t be ranked up there with songs like “Raspberry Beret” or even “Thieves In The Temple,” but it won’t be as derided as, say…. “Jughead.”

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