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Women are sensitive creatures. We often feel unappreciated quite easily. This is not always intentional by our partner but it is avoidable. Men should know that when their wife or girlfriend does certain acts for them, it is in an effort to be pleasing. Efforts should not be taken lightly. Here are a few “efforts” that women hope men notice. Feel free to add on ladies.

The little things

If we go out of our way to make the trip to the grocery store on the other side of town because they are the only ones who sell red potatoes, and we know how much you love red potatoes, then we will be damned if you do not notice it. In fact you better not only notice it, but appreciate it and be willing to reciprocate it as well. You also need to lick the plate when you are done.

We remembered that favorite piece of clothing that you like

Women pay attention to their men. We pay attention to his likes and dislikes. Especially when it comes to our clothing. If we are wearing a piece of clothing that we notice you find attractive on us,  but we could probably care less about; a woman will still go out of her way to wear that piece of clothing again. “Never mind that this thong that you love me wearing has been riding up my crotch all evening. It is all about you this evening dear”.

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The Effort to Understand You

If you are a complicated man by nature and we choose to still accept you and love you wholeheartedly, then we expect you to appreciate it. Especially for those men who are aware of their obscure personalities. When a woman makes a genuine effort to not only accept the man they are with but to understand him as well, then that is a piece of her that she is leaving with you and she is showing how committed she truly is. The extra effort in being patient enough to take a special interest in you should not be trivialized as most women do not invoke this effort into every single man they ever date.

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Sex should never be seen as a chore or a job but it is also not a mandatory activity. In other words, although some men feel that it is the woman’s responsibility to always be pleasing to the man, it truly is not. She is the keeper of her body. So when your woman agrees to please you, even if she herself is tired or not in the mood, every man reading this should be appreciative. In fact it works both ways. A woman is not entitled to sex at her demand from her man either. Both parties should be appreciative and mindful of the partner’s feelings in going the” extra mile”.

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