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Fantasia Barrino is working through her issues on her new VH1 reality show “Fantasia for Real,” premiering Monday (January 11) at 10 p.m., and she’s hoping that the show will inspire others to achieve their goals as well.

“You get to see me doing homework and sitting down with the teacher, which is, like, totally difficult,” she said of her return to school. “But my reason for doing that is so every person can see that it’s very important if you’re in school to stay in school, and if you’re not, it’s very important to go back.”

She explained that her decision to include those moments on the show were influenced by a need to show people that even with fame, she still wants to improve herself. She wants people to know that it’s not always easy, no matter how much success others think you have amassed. “[Sometimes] they feel like, ‘I can’t do that, ’cause look at me’ — it’s not the truth,” she explained. “And so I’m hoping that everyone will sit down and watch the show to see that I’m still 25 and it’s hard as hell doing it and nothing comes easy. It’s a fight and you’re gonna see me fight through all of these things.”

All of that fighting has left Fantasia in a more mature place where she is more at ease and more sure of herself. “I feel like I’ve grown. I’ve grown. I’m becoming a woman,” she said. “I just don’t do the same things I used to.”