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For some, sex in the morning is like a daily does of Vitamin C. It gets their day started in the right direction. They have to have this morning inspiration or else their day feels….off. While others like myself, are lying in the bed farting, breathe smelling like fresh hot dog water, crust in my eye, and the  strong sensation of having to pee is running through my body. I don’t feel sexy! So, I don’t want your penis inside me. Keep it over there please until further notice….

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Also, I hate the idea of showering, getting dressed, putting my lipstick on, and curling/flat ironing my hair to only have to reconstruct myself once again after a quick lay down. Now once in a while, I don’t mind but sex in the morning every day is a big fat no for me.

I would love your opinion on this ladies and fellas. Do you agree with me? How do you feel about sex in the morning? Do you feel “sexy” in the morning? Does the idea of sex at 6 or 7 am make you feel crunchy? I define “crunchy” as being “rough” or temporarily out of sorts.

So my 5 reasons for passing on the morning sex are….

1. I feel icky in the morning… Not sexy. I don’t mind kissing and hugging but full throttle poking is just not appealing when the crust is still clinging to my eyelids.

2. I’m still half sleep… It takes me a while to really wake up from a full night of sleep. My body feels numb and achy. I have no…To Read The Rest Visit YeahSheSaidIt

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