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Gossip maven Janet Charlton is reporting that Tyra Banks didn’t just up and decide she would end her talk show when the current season wraps, as she expressed in a press release this week. Rather, the network decided to pull the plug because it was getting too expensive to keep.

“An insider told us the show was cancelled simply because it cost too much – it never recovered financially from the move from LA to NY that Tyra insisted on, plus Tyra’s salary was huge,” Charlton wrote Thursday.

The blogger went on to echo sources quoted Tuesday in the New York Daily News who claimed Banks was mean to her employees and didn’t bother to inform them about the show ending until the last minute.

“Tyra does NOT treat her employees well like Oprah does – they were the last to know,” Charlton wrote. “She’s always given them chintzy Christmas gifts and this year they got pink slips. She told everyone to get their resumes together.”