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As I understand it, the idea behind New Year’s Day superstitions is that an event occurring on New Year’s Day sets the pattern for the rest of the year. With that in mind, check these out:

Eat black-eyed peas

The thought is that eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day will attract both general good luck and money in particular to the one doing the dining.

Kiss at Midnight

The idea is that kissing at midnight ensures that affections and ties will continue throughout the New Year.

First Footing

Never leave home before someone comes in first. First footer in the house should be ushered in with a warm welcome and should not have flat feet, cross-eyes or eyebrows stretching out to meet in the middle. And he or she should be bearing certain small gifts, to increase the power.

Letting the old year out

At midnight, all the doors of a house must be opened to let the old year out.

Babies born on the first

Babies born on the first day of January are said to be the luckiest of all throughout their lives.