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Step 1

Use good sense and discretion, and remember the golden rule. Would you want to listen to someone discuss nanny problems while you’re watching a movie?

Step 2

Put yourself in others’ shoes. There are times when it is impolite to break a public quiet–—for example, where others are reading, relaxing, writing or thinking.

Step 3

Learn either to take messages and call back when it’s appropriate, or turn off your cell phone until you’re in a place where you can talk.

Step 4

Turn off your phone in places where even the ringer can be intrusive, such as performances of any kind (including school plays), libraries and restaurants. Believe it or not, people can hear you while you’re on a cell phone.

Step 5

Observe looks of annoyance, glares and stares. Reconsider your phone behavior if you’re on the receiving end.