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I had a conversation with my Mother recently and she told me that she has noticed that many women of today do not appreciate when a man does little things for them. Such as hold the door open when he sees them approaching an entrance, pull out a chair and other shows of etiquette. These are things that are dying as the generations go on. She went on to say that some women are almost annoyed or appalled when a man does do these things.

I had to check myself and think about whether or not I always say thank you every time a man, whether I know him or not, holds a door open for me.  You know what? I agree with her. Some women have lost their appreciativeness for a man that is a gentleman. We barely utter the words thank you to them for showing these acts of kindness.

There are a few reasons why I think this is occurring. One being that there are less men who subscribe to these rules of etiquette so when the men do perform these gentleman like acts, it goes over the average woman’s head who has not been taught to expect this type of treatment. We have been deprogrammed and no longer expect for a man to behave in this way. So when he does, some women do not know how to respond to it.

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The second being that women of this generation have been taught to be independent and to lessen a need to depend on a man in their lives. So, this type of thinking puts women in the mind state that you can do all things on your own. Sometimes this type of thinking is necessary for some women who are living life without a special man in their life but at the same time it makes the need for him null and void. So when a man does open the door for us we are almost annoyed. We assume that he thinks we cannot do it ourselves or are incapable.

I have to admit that I even have felt slightly annoyed on more than one occasion when a strange man opened the door for me in a public place. As I reached for the handle he stops me and proceeds to open the door for me. My initial thought has been what is wrong with him? Again, I sometimes have to check myself and realize that there is nothing wrong with him being a gentleman and that I should expect this from him whether I know him or not. Maybe if more women not only expected it but demanded it then more men would fall into this behavior naturally.

Have we lost all of our rules of etiquette when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex?

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