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OKCupid did a study to determine what online daters typically search for as far as characteristics in the opposite sex. Now they determined a few different things from this study but one of the findings that made an impression on me was that Black women are the most ignored race on the net — that is, members of all races respond the least to Black womens’ queries. Word? Contrary to this, they also said that Black men were more likely to date outside of their race than Black women were. Now, that part was not surprising to me. Actually, it would not be surprising to me if other dating sites did a study and their findings were similar. The bigger question is why?

For the life of me, I will never understand why Black women are belittled and seen as less attractive than women of other races. Especially when we are one of the most copied and mimicked race of women on the planet. Women of other races literally die on surgery tables for what many of us have naturally. So why the constant diss to the Black woman? I may not know the exact answer but I do have a few theories.

Are Black Women’s Standards Too High?

1. The stereotypical Black woman is more prevalent among other races than we might know. A person of another race may have limited interaction with Black people. They may only interact with Black women at their place of work. If there are 1 to 2 Black women at their jobs with the stereotypical Black girl, head rolling attitude then they, on some level, think that most Black women behave in this way. Whether they would be willing to admit it or not. Again this is especially for the individuals who have limited to no interaction with Black women outside of their jobs. Meaning they have no Black women as their close personal friends and no Black women in their family.

2. They have accepted the images of Black women that are prevalent in the media. They watch movies with Black women, they may watch a television show with a Black woman as a character, and this is how they gather their perception of Black women. They take that for being the truth because it is coming from the media. The media is and always will be one of the most powerful tools of….To Read The Rest Visit YeahSheSaidIt

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