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Wendy Williams recently aired a show where she discussed her opinion about T.I. and Tiny and their brush with the law last week.  She gave out a little food for thought. She commented that many people are coming down hard on T.I. as to be expected. She went on to say that since Tiny is 35 years old, older than T.I.,  and the matriarch of the family that the she should share just as much blame for her and her husband’s actions.  We are taught that the man is the leader of the household but at what point should some of the responsibility or blame fall unto the woman?

I thought about this and I actually agree with Wendy. Would T.I. consistently get himself in trouble if he was with a different woman? I honestly think that a woman that did not allow him to engage in self destructing activities would be a better fit for him. A woman that put her foot down and said that if you do this, I will leave. A woman that was not afraid to lose him or to disagree. Sure everyone has the final say so over their own life and their actions but there are people who can come into your life and they influence you to do better.   They make you want to do the right thing for whatever reason. This is an effect that I do not think Tiny has on T.I.  Note that I am in no way blaming Tiny for anything that T.I. does. He is a grown man and at the end of the day, his decisions for his life are his own.  I am stating that a strong woman, with a no nonsense attitude can sometimes leave a life changing impression on a man who is lost.

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Sometimes a woman must be strong in her expectations from her man. Sometimes she has to stop coddling him and making excuses for his bad boy behavior. She cannot do this and be afraid of losing him. This is what helps him to grow.

Contrary to this, the right man can also come into a woman’s life and influence her to want more out of life.  A person who you are in a relationship can impact you in one of two ways. They can both bring you up and inspire you to want to do better or they can limit your growth and sometimes reverse any growth that you have already achieved.

Does Wendy have a point? Should more blame be placed on Tiny for participating in foolishness with T.I ? I say yes. What do you say?

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