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Strength Coach Ackeem Emmons Shares How Faith Played A Part In Him Finding His Purpose

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While staying in shape does come with the benefits of leading to a lean physique, the way it reflects on your overall health, both mentally and physically, can feel like a godsend. That’s why we had to try out TONAL: the virtual gym-at-home that mounts to your wall in the vain of a life-sized tablet, complete with adjustable pull bars for arms that can give you over 245 different moves in a given workout session. Oh, and it even has “smart” accessories that pair up for the ultimate experience, including handles, a rope for pulling exercises and one of the most comfortable lift benches you’ll ever lay your back on.

We know from experience after heading over to the TONAL HQ in New York not too long ago to see what all the hype was about. We are here to tell you this: it is no joke! Challenging enough to humble your spirit, yet addicting enough to tap into your inner gym guru, the TONAL device is one that revolutionizes the game for those who might still prefer to exercise minus the crowd in a post-pandemic society. Besides, nothing beats being able to do things at your own pace, on your own time and in your own home.

We felt more than welcome in the home of TONAL, particularly due to our host and guest for today’s ELEV8 ExclusiveAckeem Emmons. His self-mantra and only life rule of “once you start, you don’t stop” emanates in everything he does. It displays confidently in his boisterous grin — there aren’t too many days that go by where he isn’t smiling! — and with echoing conviction as he instructs his virtual classes with the combined charisma of a comedian and drive of a drill sergeant. It’s the perfect mix to keep you going without hating your personal trainer, which is a word rarely used when it comes to Ackeem.

Not only did we get to chop it up with the action figure-built Trinidadian New Yorker about how faith factors into his overall story, he also took us on a TONAL crash course — emphasis on ‘crash’! — with a few typical workouts.

Let’s just say the Lord was thankfully on our side throughout the duration of our TONAL trial run. Take a look above for all the side-splitting action in our one-on-one with instructor Ackeem Emmons.


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