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Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz / Diddy

The downfall of Sean “Diddy” Combs continues as more stories about his godawful behavior emerge.

Whatever is left of Diddy, aka The Diddler’s reputation, was flushed down the toilet after CNN shared graphic surveillance footage of the rapper/mogul viciously beating his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura.

The shocking video came after Cassie slapped the Bad Boy CEO with a lawsuit in November alleging physical/sexual abuse and psychological torment that he eventually settled.

But the damage was already done from the lawsuit because Cassie’s bravery opened the floodgates, leading to six more lawsuits accusing the mogul of drugging, assault, rape, and being a part of a sex trafficking operation.

Now, a new report from The Daily Beast details numerous accounts of terrifying behavior from Diddy that several former employees endured while working for him at lifestyle brand Sean John and his now-shuttered advertising agency Blue Flame.

One Former Sean John Employee Claims Diddy Grabbed Her Face

Working at Sean John was a nightmare for one former female employee at Sean John, detailing an incident when Combs grabbed her face, even making her stick out her tongue.

Per The Daily Beast:

“He didn’t like that I wasn’t agreeing with him, and he wasn’t interested in hearing my point of view,” the former employee recalled.

Instead, Combs allegedly began to yell and compared himself to a renowned fashion designer. “When you speak to me, you should imagine that you’re talking to Karl Lagerfeld,” she recalled Combs telling her. “Anything I say, assume that it’s coming from Karl Lagerfeld.”

“At that point, I didn’t have a response to that, and he reaches out and he grabs my face,” she added. “He puts one hand on both sides of my cheeks and says ‘Stick out your tongue,’ and then he squeezes my face harder and yells at me to stick out my tongue, forces his hands on my face.”

She recounted how Combs then told her he “just wanted to see” if her tongue was bleeding, because she was clearly biting it.

The employee said she “started looking for a job immediately.”

Another Employee Lost His Job Because of How He Looked At Diddy

The Daily Beast details a story from another former employee who lost his job just by making eye contact with the “Victory” crafter because he was upset with the Diddy for showing up hours late for a meeting.

The employee tells the website that Combs “took the look that I gave him personally.”

“There was erratic behavior, there was definitely what I would consider mental abuse, [with] how he spoke to us as employees,” the person told The Daily Beast, noting the insane 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. work hours due to Combs’ insane demands and the “culture of fear” he spearheaded at his company. “There was “a lot of profanity, kind of aggressive, in your face—physically in your face—kind of stuff,” the employee said.

This latest news comes after Rolling Stone’s earth-shattering expose on Diddy. He also divested from Revolt, giving all current and future employees equity in the company.

You can read the rest of the story by heading here.

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