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Many people are looking for ways to boost their immune system; with the recent outbreak of Swine Flu, there’s been much hysteria. However, health officials and flu experts have agreed that by strengthening the immune system, and practicing the standard preparations for flu season, such as thorough hygiene, and good rest, among other things, decreases the chances of catching this virus, or any other, are less than likely. Always keep your allergies in mind and consult your doctor before you add these foods to your diet.


Not only does broccoli have extensive vitamins and minerals to keep the body healthy, but it’s also one of the most effective immune system boosters out there. It contains vitamins A, C, E, anti-cancer agents, and potent antioxidant compounds, making it a threat to any nasty germ in the body! Enjoy broccoli raw in your favorite salad, or steamed as a side dish to your entree.


Ginger is great for cookies, teas, and baking, but it also boosts immune system; using it in the bath while ill increases the production of sweat, which rids the body of germs and toxins. It is widely known for minimizing heartburn, motion sickness, migraines, and preventing colon and ovarian cancers. Instead of drinking coffee in the morning have a cup of green tea served with ginger for a healthy alternative.

Red Bell Pepper

A great addition to any sauce is red bell peppers which are a great source of vitamin C and are known as energy boosters. As a matter of fact, many physicians agree that of all the fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C, red bell peppers are one of the best. Within twenty minutes of consumption they elevate body heat production and oxygen intake.


Garlic has always been a miracle food; the ancient Egyptians realized its health benefits, and considered it holy; they valued it so much, they used it for money! While we might not use garlic in quite the same way today, it is still world-renowned for being a very healthy food. Garlic contains sulphuric compounds, such as allicin, which gives garlic its smell, but also its unparalleled protection against illnesses of various types.


Yogurt is renowned as a miracle food. Sometimes it’s paired with Indian and Mediterranean cuisine to take the edge off the eye-watering spices, and kefir is its equally delightful alternative. Both these varieties of yogurt contain highly beneficial bacteria that line the intestines to ward off parasite bacteria, and virus germs. Add a batch of blueberries, or strawberries for a healthy dessert.

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