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Experience a historical retrospective as we present a visual journey through time with the Blackest Stories Of The Week. Witness a mosaic of moments that occurred this past week, offering a glimpse into the news that made headlines. Take a weekly dive into a collection of events that range from awe-inspiring to disturbingly shocking, delivered straight to you.

Sunday, June 4

People attend the funeral for Jordan Neely

Source: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis / Getty

A grand jury has been convened to hear evidence in the manslaughter case involving a white man who fatally choked an unarmed Black homeless man on a New York City subway train. The defendant, Daniel Penny, claims he acted in self-defense and to protect other passengers. However, there is concern that the grand jury’s decision may mirror past cases of alleged violence and chokehold deaths. If Penny is not indicted, it could potentially set a precedent for others to resort to violence in situations that may not warrant such force.

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Monday, June 5

California Reparations Task Force

Source: Carolyn Cole / Getty

California’s Reparations Task Force is set to present its final reparations proposal to the state’s legislature. Including recommendations for compensating the descendants of Black enslaved people. However, some Black residents are skeptical about whether the recommendations will effectively address the long-standing discrimination faced by the Black community. Particularly concerning how the allocating of funds will be. The proposal reparations include cash payments, an official apology, the creation of a new agency to provide services, and various other measures such as restoring voting rights.
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Tuesday, June 6

Flowers left at the site of a fatal shooting

Source: Parker Michels-Boyce / Getty

A father and son were killed, and five others were injured in a shooting that occurred after a high school graduation in Richmond, Virginia. The shooter, Amari Pollard, opened fire on Shawn Jackson, 18, and his father Lorenzo Smith, 36. The motive for the altercation is still under investigation. Pollard has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder. The incident left a young girl injured, and Pollard is currently in custody awaiting further court proceedings.

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Wednesday, June 7

Juneteenth. Freedom Day

Source: Bulgnn / Getty

The White House is preparing to host its first-ever Juneteenth concert on the South Lawn in honor of the newly recognized federal holiday. The concert, scheduled for June 13, will feature a lineup of amazing artists from various fields, including singers, actors, hip-hop, and HBCU cultures. The event, taking place during Black Music Month, aims to raise cultural awareness and celebrate the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to advancing equity and addressing systemic racism.Juneteenth commemorates the abolition of slavery in Texas on June 19, 1865. It was established as a federal holiday in 2021.

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Thursday, June 8

Byron Perkins (R) speaks onstage at A Night Of Pride

Source: Josh Brasted / Getty

Byron Perkins, a defensive back at Hampton University, has become the first openly gay HBCU football player. Breaking barriers for both the LGBTQ+ community and HBCU athletes. In October 2022, he publicly came out and recently introduced his boyfriend to the world. Celebrating the start of Pride Month. Perkins’ decision to embrace his true identity is a significant step towards creating more inclusive athletic environments. It highlights the need for greater progress in fostering acceptance within the Black community and society at large. His hope is that his journey will inspire other young Black gay men to be true to themselves.

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Friday, June 9

Clarence Thomas Speaks At The Memorial Service For Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Source: Pool / Getty

Justice Clarence Thomas dissented in a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling that upheld an existing voting rights law in Alabama, rejecting a racial gerrymandering case. The decision reaffirmed the Voting Rights Act and ordered the redrawing of seven majority Republican voting district lines. Thomas argued against allowing the federal judiciary to determine the racial apportionment of congressional seats and criticized parts of the Voting Rights Act as a “racial entitlement.”Read more here

Saturday, June 10

"Finding Happy" Premiere Party And Midnight Brunch

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Funeral details have been announced for Jacky Oh, the mother of comedian and actor DC Young Fly‘s children who died unexpectedly at the age of 32. The funeral, described as a “celebration of life and viewing,” will be held on Saturday at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church in Atlanta. The cause of Jacky Oh’s death, initially speculated to be related to plastic surgery, remains unconfirmed.

NewsOne extends condolences to Jacky Oh’s family, friends and loved ones. May Jacky Oh rest in peace.

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