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Donald "New Pac" Trump Has Been Arrested What's Next? Amanda Seales

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It’s the Amanda Seales Show. It’s Tuesday and today is National Weed Appreciation Day. On this episode of the Amanda Seales podcast, several topics were discussed. Firstly, it was reported that former us President Donald Trump is planning to use his mugshot to raise funds for his political campaigns. This has caused controversy among political analysts and the general public, with some questioning the ethics of using a mugshot for political gain.

In other news, Minneapolis has agreed to a deal to revamp policing following the killing of George Floyd. The deal includes measures such as increased accountability for police officers, increased community involvement in policing, and more transparency in police practices. This has been hailed as a positive step towards addressing systemic racism and police brutality in the United States.

The podcast also featured a segment called “Big Up, Let Down”, in which different figures or events are discussed. On this episode, Amanda Seales, DJ Nailz and Jeremiah like the bible discussed the recent controversy between Angel Reese and Keith Olbermann.

The discussion focused on the differing reactions to the two individuals’ statements and the role of social media in amplifying voices on controversial topics. Overall, the episode provided insightful commentary on current events and issues impacting society.


  1. (02:21) BLACKURATE NEWS: Donald Trump To Use Mugshot Merch To Raise Funds
  2. (07:51) Judge In The Young Thug Trial Sends Potential Juror To Jail For 3 Days
  3. (12:39) The Group Chat… Have You Seen The Pics On Twitter Of Bill Gates’ Daughter Phoebe’s Boyfriend—Twitter Is In A Frenzy.., We’ll Tell You More About Him.1/4/4 – The Group Chat  Here’s Why Robert Ross—Bill Gates’ Daughter
  4. (18:59) Welcome Back In Yesterday’s Group Chat, The Topic Was…Marriage Is Not The End Goal. It’s The Starting Point… Basically, The IG Post Was Saying That People Make Such A Big Deal About The Wedding But Don’t Have A Plan For When The Wedding Is Over.
  5. (22:10) – BLACKURATE NEWS: Minneapolis Agrees To A Deal With The State To Revamp Their Post-George Floyd Policing
  6. (29:04) Damar Hamlin Helps Launch Emergency Cardiac Response Bill In Washington
  7. (32:16) – BIG UP, LET DOWN: BIG UP –   Love To People Who Showed Support Of Lsu Player Angel Reese…  LET DOWN – Sport And Political Journalist Keith Olbermann Decided To Let His Racism Show On Twitter
  8. (39:54)  The Group Chat, Yesterday Was For Our Couples……The Topic Was…Marriage Is Not The End Goal. It’s The Starting Point….….What Are Your Thoughts On This?
  9. (47:24) BLACKURATE NEWS: A Bill That Would Give Parents State Funds To Pay For Private Schools Moves To The Full Senate For A Vote
  10. (51:40) Ron DeSantis Quietly Legalizes Carrying Concealed Weapons Without Permits
  11. (55:15) Small Doses Podcast What Are The Side Effects
  12. (57:13) Yo, We Love Hearing From You So Call And Talk To Us…Hit Us 24/7 AT 855-AMANDA-8, 855-262-6328….Lil Wayne Vs 50 In A Versus Battle….Let’s Go To The Phones  (Caller)
  13. (63:55) Students Peacefully Rallied At The Capitol In Nashville Speaking Out Against Gun Violence.
  14. (67:46) Safety Warning Has Been Issued Over Wearing Leggings On A Flight.





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