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Houston’s popular Turkey Leg Hut restaurant faces a seven-figure lawsuit over an unpaid balance with US Foods.

In a lawsuit filed last December, US Foods billed Turkey Leg Hut for $85,106.17 for produce sold to the restaurant. According to the lawsuit, Turkey Leg Hut also agreed to pay interest of 1.5 percent per month on any past-due payment until collected. Adding in their responsibility for attorney fees, the grand total for the lawsuit amounts to $1,288,583.12.

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US Foods began working with TLH in September 2020, supplying them with goods and services. In September 2022, US Foods sent a letter to the restaurant containing a request to pay past-due amounts. TLH didn’t respond to the letter, or object to it and has yet to pay for any of the outstanding invoices.

Turkey Leg Hut owner Lynn Price responded to the lawsuit on Instagram, writing, “If you’re going to tell the story, tell the whole story.. understand this comes from a PR lady that’s hurt and also ex employees that are really hurt because of not being a part of the brand .. understand check the track record and we have paid taxes etc on time 100k a month and pay roll 85k a week and never missed a beat,” Price said “@us_foods owed us money for advertising etc on trucks IG and all .. it’s always 3 sides to a story .. and there side ain’t the truth.. why would a company let a bill get that high, cause they did not at all.”

Price’s owner, Nakia, said they were previously unaware of the lawsuit but said the numbers didn’t necessarily add up to get to nearly $1.3 million.

“Turkey Leg Hut was not aware of a pending lawsuit until we were contacted by the media Thursday afternoon,” Nakia Price told KHOU in Houston. “From what we can see, this is not adding up and cannot comment further on the pending litigation. The math is not mathin’.”

The restaurant has grown to become a tourism destination in Houston since its founding in 2015. Buoyed by word of mouth and social media, TLH has amassed over 500,000+ followers on Instagram, with no sign of slowing down.

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