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John Boyega loves Black women. The British actor, who stars in the critically acclaimed The Woman King in theater today, calmly addressed haters who had something to say about his dating preference.

While visiting “The Breakfast Club,” and discussing the race of host Charlamagne’s wife, Boyega said, “I like my women Black.”

Though Boyega admitted to once dating a white woman, he continued to praise Black women. “They fine as hell. Melanin levels have to be over 75%,” he gushed. “Thickness gotta be there, style gotta be there,” he added.

Apparently, there are some folk out there who don’t respect Boyega’s melanin requirement, to which he responded,

“Always thought certain reactions to preference would only occur if you belittle other people while expressing what you like. This would mean your preference is based on negativity. Yet all I have expressed is my love for cultural familiarity and the positivity I feel. Interesting.”

Boyega made similar comments in his GQ Hype cover story. “I only date Black,” he said. “Then it’s about chemistry, personality, goals. Is there a synergy? Can I help you? Can you help me?” His love for Black women spills over into how proud he is when he talks about working with the best talent in Hollywood. “They strived. They trained to transform their bodies for these epic war and fighting scenes,” he bragged.

“Most [directors] when they cast women as leads, you’ve got a petite woman taking out 10 guys! You give her a weird amount of strength,” he says. “Why don’t you base it on real women who did this? Who trained to go into combat and oiled up their skin, because they were like: ‘These men have strength, but when they catch us, I don’t want them to be able to get a grip.’”

The talented actor has been flexing his woke card over the last few years. He was extremely vocal in protests after the murder of George Floyd.

He briefly touched on joining the BLM marches, where he gave a rousing speech that left some of his actor friends in disagreement. “Some people don’t want to work with me. It’s okay. Hollywood is not one entity.” He added, “I want to work in this industry as me.”

Catch Boyega in The Woman King in theaters now.


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