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What started as a typical work interview ended as a soulful therapy session. I got an energetic boost chatting with dynamic duo Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker about their Bounty and Microband 24 partnership, plus more. The couple discussed how their collaboration with the cleaning brands makes their lives much more manageable. And after learning that I, too, was a parent and soon-to-be newlywed, the couple quickly took off the work masks and got real.

The Partnership

Kodjoe and Parker are more than just a gorgeous couple known for their acting. They are parents to two active teenagers, and they own two dogs, all while balancing careers and marriage. That concoction alone can cause things to get a little messy. And while they have an effective remedy for the figurative mess (we will get into that later), Bounty and Microband 24 take care of the literal mess. “It felt like a marriage made in heaven. Bounty and Microband 24 are coming into our lives in a time where we are always concerned about keeping the surfaces clean and making sure that everybody’s safe, and we lay down an extra layer of protection. This partnership was very organic,” said Boris.

Discipline Is the Key

I share their sentiments when it comes to being concerned about keeping surfaces clean. I’m a mother of a 7-month-old, and I’m obsessed with wiping and disinfecting everything. I decided to divulge my new mom status and boldly ask for tips on handling it all, and Parker was eager to offer me sincere advice. “Keep a routine,” she said. “I’m not the most organized person, but having a routine really saved me in the early years.”

Parker went on to encourage me to keep up with my self-care. She passionately stated that I must be disciplined about taking care of myself – even if I have to strongarm myself to do so. Kodjoe added to her advice by offering some wisdom his grandmother gave him. “My grandmother always said to me you have to make a decision between discipline and regret. It’s better to be disciplined now than to have regrets later,” remarked Kodjoe.

Keeping It Real

Amid crazy times, Kodjoe and Parker are staying afloat. While authenticity is the main ingredient in their stratosphere, things like self-care, mandatory dinner time, teaming up on chores (I spray with Microband 24, you wipe with Bounty), and embracing hard times are a few other ways the couple navigates life. When asked about their secrets to a successful relationship, Kodjoe gave a sobering yet refreshing response that I will forever carry with me. “The truth is the ‘for worse’ will come. You don’t have to be scared of the ‘for worse’ because the worse almost does more for your growth, for your spirituality, your depth, your intimacy than for better,” concluded Kodjoe. “And keep it as real as possible. That lays the baseline for the relationship to be joyous,” added Parker.

So, for couples and parents out there trying to balance life. Try taking a page out of Kodjoe and Parker’s book. Keep it real, prepare for things to get a little messy, and have a go-to routine and Bounty and Microband 24 on hand when it does.



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