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Mega-producer Dr. Dre surprised many when he revealed just how close to death doctors thought he was last year, to the point where they let his family come to give their “last goodbyes” to him.

While appearing on trainer and entrepreneur Dolvett Quince’s Workout The Doubt podcast, Dr. Dre shared more details about being stricken with a brain aneurysm in January 2021 and recalled being transported to the ICU at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. At the time, his Instagram released a statement saying that he was  “doing great” and that he would be “out of the hospital and back home soon.” But the man behind “The Chronic” revealed that things were apparently more grave in a clip shared on Instagram.

“I’m at Cedars-Sinai hospital and they weren’t allowing anybody to come up, meaning visitors or family or anything like that, because of COVID, but they allowed my family to come in,” he stated. “I found out later, they called them up so they could say their last goodbyes because they thought I was out of here.” It was an exceptional time that still carries some shock for him. “Nobody told me,” Dr. Dre continued. “I had no idea. That was crazy.”

Dr. Dre also told Quince that he underwent continuous medical tests during his two-week stint in the ICU. “Because of what was going on in my brain, they had to wake me up every hour, on the hour, for two weeks to do these tests,” he said. “Basically, sobriety tests, like touch your nose, rub your heel on your calf, and all that shit.” In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he would go on to say that he felt the aneurysm was due to high blood pressure but added that since he has been proactive about his health and encourages other Black men to do the same. 

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