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The WE TV hit series “Commit Or Quit” is where couples turn to famed Judge Lynn Toler on life-changing decisions to continue their relationship or move on. The season finale airs tonight (June 30th) and Judge Toler gives Russ the details on what we can expect. We also get how Judge Toler has learned the ability to help so many including help from her mother, her thoughts on the overturn of Roe V. Wade by the Supreme Court, and more.


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Russ Parr: On the line right now, Judge Toler, whenever you need some common sense spoken to you. You can turn on just about any show and she’s going to be on there giving her POV. But “Commit Or Quit,” the finale is tonight. And of course, that’s on WE TV. First of all, I just want to say good morning to you judge told her how are you doing?

Judge Lynn Toler: I’m doing well. How are you?

Russ: I’m just fabulous. I mean, we are Commit Or Quit is one of those shows that we DVR. My wife and I,, we have a night where we watch all of our favorite shows. That’s one of them. “Marriage Bootcamp.” You name it, anything that you’re on, you’ve made it a lot better. So I just want to say that.

Judge Lynn: Thank you for that.

Russ: Oh, you’re welcome. The season finale is tonight. You are coming back for another season I hope?

Judge Lynn: I hope so it depends on how many of y’all watch it.

Russ: It’s a good show. It really is a good show. I mean, you get to sit up and watch people do their everyday thing. And then, of course, you provide your wisdom as to whether they can stay together or not. Has ever been an instance where you told people to quit? And they just like, okay, yeah, we’re gonna stay, never mind what the judge said.

Judge Lynn: Well, they said they were going to quit, she moved out, and like when a week later she moved back in. You know, the show was about that situationship that you can’t get out of. People can be dating for six and seven years, they can’t decide to put up or shut up. And in helping them do that, I tried to teach everybody some lessons about how to be successfully together, and commit or quit was kind of like an answer to when I’m on marriage boot camp, everybody says why can’t you do what you do for people on Marriage Bootcamp for regular people? So Commit Or Quit was my attempt to do just that.

Russ: Right? You know, you have such a world experience, because I sit up and I listen to some of the bits and nuggets of information that you give people. And I know you can’t possibly have gone through all that. Are you trained in psychology? I know you have a doctorate in law. But not to say that you have to be trained, but is that something that you’ve liked, studied, or you know, or just life experiences where you’re able to share this information with people or share it?

Judge Lynn: There are lots of different levels to how I got to be able to know what I know. Number one is I had a very emotionally intelligent mother. I mean, she was very good at reading people. And she taught me all through my life about how to take my emotions out of the situation, and read other people. Then I went on to a Municipal Court. Municipal Court is when right regular people do a wrong thing. They’re not racist, there is domestic violence, its assault, its neighbor’s arguments. So you learn there for 10 years because I would arrange 75 people in one morning. So you talk to people and you learn and understand. And then my mother would come to court and tell me where I screwed up. I do not Oh, yes. She said, Let me tell you what you did wrong, baby. I remember that graphic late. I had been I had, I was sentencing somebody on a domestic violence case. And I gave him what some sometimes called the acid rain dance, I yelled at him and sentiment, and she went back there. And she said, Let me tell you what you did wrong. She said, he’s in jail for six months thinking about that “B” he hit, and that other “B” that sent him to jail, and he hasn’t learned anything. So when you have a singular opportunity to speak to people, and you have to speak with people in a way that they know, you understand their point of view. You start where other people are, and you slowly walk them home. So between my time on the bench, and my time with my mother and also I do a great deal of reading about the psychology of emotion and people. And my sister’s a brain Doctor neurologist who’s interested in that as well. So I just keep learning all the time, so I can be refined what it is I don’t know.

Russ: Well, you know, I like to say it is a gift because for you to be able to relate and, and give information that’s beneficial to people because you can watch something like on Commit Or Quit or, or Marriage Bootcamp. And you may be dealing with something similar to that. And usually, your words of wisdom cover all those bases. I also wanted to talk to you before I let you go, I really just wanted to get your opinion in and how you feel and how you feel that women are going to be affected by Roe v. Wade being struck down.

Judge Lynn: I think that abortion will continue. They will just be unsafe. And I think that legislatures are gonna have to deal with it on the local level. I think it’s going to invite possibly it will, I think it will stop up some of the red ways because I think women are going to vote their, their autonomy, and it’s going to change it’s going to be ugly in the beginning. But we are going to figure out a way to get past that because too many women are going to be too hurt too often.

Russ: Absolutely

Judge Lynn: To let it stand the way it is.

Russ: I hear you. All right tonight you guys on WE TV of course I DVR but you guys can watch tonight on WE TV. Commit Or Quit, the season finale with Judge Toler. Judge, thank you. It’s just been an honor talking to you and I will be continuing to watch you because anything I can steal from you and share with other people and take credit for it. That’s just what I’m going to do. Thank you so much.

Judge Lynn: Oh, thank you so much.



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