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When it was reported that Ben Affleck would be taking on the role of Batman in the struggle film that turned out to be 2016’s Batman V. Superman, The Dark Knight at the time, Christian Bale revealed he was upset that he wasn’t approached to reprise the role he’d been taking on for years.


While it seemed like Bale’s Batman days were over after Affleck, and most recently Robert Pattinson, had given their iterations of the caped crusader, Screen Rant is reporting that Christian Bale is very much open to returning to the streets of Gotham City, under certain circumstances. In an interview with the website, Bale said he would return for another installment of The Dark Knight but only if the franchise’s director, Christopher Nolan was at the helm of the project as he was for the original trilogy.

Surprisingly Bale reveals that no one’s actually approached him to reprise the role that made him a household name, but should someone come to him with the offer it would have to involve Nolan behind the camera.

No. No one’s ever mentioned it to me. No one’s brought it up. […] Occasionally people say to me, “Oh, I hear you were approached and offered all this.” And I’m like, “That’s news to me. No one’s ever said that.”

I had a pact with Chris Nolan. We said, “Hey, look. Let’s make three films, if we’re lucky enough to get to do that. And then let’s walk away. Let’s not linger too long.” In my mind, it would be something if Chris Nolan ever said to himself, “You know what, I’ve got another story to tell.” And if he wished to tell that story with me, I’d be in.

With all the different ways that the DCEU is currently split up with different universes and characters running around, we wouldn’t be mad if Nolan and Bale teamed up for another Batman film. Yes, Robert Pattinson did an exceptional job as Bruce Wayne/Batman, but the Gotham City that Christopher Nolan created with Christian Bale is by far the best version of the Batman universe that we’ve witnessed on the big screen.

Still, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen as Nolan hasn’t even remotely expressed interest in revisiting the franchise ever since The Dark Knight Rises released a decade ago in 2012.

Will fans begin a petition to get Nolan and Warner Bros. attention after learning that Bale would be all in on a new Dark Knight film? We’ll see but we must say we’re behind it 100%.

Would you like to see the Dark Knight return to the big screen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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