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It’s time for another reading of the “Daily Horrorscope,” where Tenisha keeps it real by telling every astrological sign the harsh truth about themselves for today’s date of June 7th, 2022.



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Check out the cliff notes below:

Aries: You’re auditioning for reality series by honing up on your insults. You’ll get it too.

Taurus: You hate people. You shouldn’t be working in customer service just do us a favor and stop applying for jobs you’re not qualified for!

Gemini: Never asked a known hater, this one question. So what you think?

Cancer: Why are you at the airport arguing about carry-on luggage that is obviously something that needs to be checked and you sent up holding up the line? You got to check it anyway.

Leo: Your new girl has been bragging for weeks that she can cook. Ramen noodles with cut-up hot dogs do not show off her culinary skills.

Virgo: Why does your homeboy think marijuana is the cure for everything?

Libra: Your uncle is playing Grand Theft Auto bragging to his nephews talmbout he used to do it for real?

Scorpio: You don’t understand why people are always trying to dumb shame you.

Capricorn: How you go run the slowest leg on your relay. And then you want to criticize your teammates.

Aquarius: Your neighbor may have some racial bias. If he says he has nothing against black people. He just don’t like Mexicans, Muslims, Asians, Jews and everybody in South America but he’s still not a racist.

Pisces: Remember, never let your kid play one game on your phone. You will never get it back.


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