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Kevin Levar

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For our “Introducing” segment, Gospel singer Kevin Levar stopped by to debut his newest single, “The Only Thing That Matters.”

LeVar, who is also the founding Pastor of The Glory House of Frisco in Frisco, Texas talks with Erica and GRIFF about the single and his upcoming album, “Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken” and the messaging behind it. Listen to the interview below:


Read the full interview below

Erica Campbell: Thank you for being with us today. Let’s talk about this new album Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken.” You say the album has a story behind it, so tell us what the story is.

Kevin LeVar: You know, I’m so excited about it. It’s called “Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken: Live In D.C.” We recorded at The City of Praise Family Ministries with Joel Peebles and Yolanda are really good friends. And it really is an album to just encourage people that regardless of what’s taking place in your life, God’s not finished. He’s not finished with you yet. There’s a song on the record called “Hands Up.” And I when I was writing that song, I kept seeing Erica and Griff I kept seeing people in hospital beds and people that were dealing with cancer and my sister just got a diagnosis a few months ago, breast cancer and the Lord spoke to me say, Kevin, send this song to her. Because this is not going to take her out. And that’s the lyrics of the song says, y’all. So after 20 Something weeks of chemo, the doctor saw how she was progressing, went back, and looked at the Cancer. I think she only had to do like five weeks and she is cancer-free and be a record of hope for so many people. I can hardly wait it comes out in August and so again, “Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken: Live In D.C.”

EC: Wow. I love it. I understand my brother in love Teddy Campbell is playing drums on this project.

GRIFF: Yeah!

KL: Oh. Teddy killed man, he killed that oh my God, listen.

EC: I want you to tell us about the forgiveness campaign. What inspired you to start it? We know something like that is so necessary in the kingdom because people struggle in this area.

KL: They do. We started getting inundated with so many testimonies. I remember we were on TV with CeCe Winans, and when I got home, our voice messages were just full with people. There were different people calling from around the world. And some of the people were talking about they were crying so profusely. We couldn’t even understand them. And the Lord said, Kevin, this is not just a song. It was movement and please, for the rest of my life, literally, we’re going to be championing this campaign, which is “A Million Acts of Forgiveness.” We’re trying to raise a million acts of forgiveness. And we’re going to treat it like a political campaign. We’re going to go from state to state just trying to get people to let go of yesterday so they can have the best that God has for them.

EC: All right. All right. Well, listen, we are talking to Kevin Levar. His new single, “The Only Thing That Matters” is available now on all digital outlets. How can people follow you on social media?

KL: Well on Instagram is TheRealKevinLeVar. On Twitter. It’s IamKevinLevar. Facebook is Kevin LeVar and One Sound, the website is Man I love you guys, man.

EC: We’d love you, too. Listen, if you could leave a message of encouragement for someone today, what would you say?

KL: I wrote this song Erica, and it’s going to come out in pretty sure, pretty soon but it’s called “Intervened.” And it says intervene. Someone’s contemplating ending things. They’re walking out on the final scene, not knowing things won’t turn out. Like they seem father would you intervene? In other words, you let them know that this ain’t the end of the show. There’s an encore that’s to live for. And there are so many people that think that what they’re facing and what they’re dealing with is the ending scene. But it’s not. God’s got an extra scene beyond what you’re dealing with right now. That’s going to blow your mind. It’s going to be the bridge to hope it’s going to be a bridge to what God has for you. I really want to encourage you guys out there. Don’t let go. Don’t let go out.




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