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With all the drama that’s been going on between Gloria Govan’s husband Matt Barnes and her former friend Shaunie O’Neal, the “Basketball Wives” castmate felt the need to give her side of the story. She spoke with VIBE magazine:

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On the Basketball Wives Reunion

I didn’t watch the [Basketball Wives] reunion because I just feel like I’m so out of the loop already not having watched the series. And I just figured I wouldn’t entertain the idea of probably having four girls talk about me while I’m not there. I’m over it. That was a small chapter in my life and I don’t want to be involved in season two if the same girls are involved.

On her relationship with Shaunie

I can’t say I was genuinely friends with Shaunie. I had her number in my phone but we never talked or texted or anything like that… I think our relationship fell apart when she didn’t realize that family is family. It will always be that way with me.

On Matt Barnes’ Twitter comments

Matt told me the gist of what he said on Twitter and I agree. I think he’s definitely very valid for what he had to say. I think it surprised him as well with how immature she’s been handling the situation. It’s just as simple as “Gloria and I aren’t friends” and stating her side and just leaving it at that. But I think the low blows she’s been trying to give and the ignorant comments she’s been making. I think it’s unnecessary on her end being that she’s almost 40.