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Source: Russ Parr Morning Show

Even with a start of a new month, there’s still plenty of news buzzin’ on the internet and Alfredas has everything you need to catch up on in the world of entertainment.

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From Young Thug attempting to help Africans stranded in Ukraine to this former TV host calling out the Daily Mail for mistaking her for non-other than Sasha Obama, sit back and catch up with all the headlines from Hot Off The Wire for March 1st, 2022.



What Young Thug Is Trying To Do To Help African Immigrants in Ukraine

He is trying to mold mobilized with his rap peers to help Africans who are trapped in Ukraine because, y’all know, natives of the country are being prioritized to leave and seek shelter elsewhere.

Now, according to Africans are not being allowed to board trains or busses to the border with some not even permitted into other countries. So what Young Thug is trying to do is say, hey, let’s what can we do? So it’s unclear if any rappers responded to Young Thug’s request, but yeah, they need our help.

What Aisha Tyler Said After Being Mistaken For Sasha Obama While Spotted In Picture With JAY_Z & Beyoncé

In other news, I love Aisha Tyler. She called out the Daily Mail. And guess what? She did so funnily. So she sees Beyoncé and JAY Z at this hot spot in LA called Mother Wolf. Paparazzi snapped a picture of her just smiling ear to ear. She sees them, she walked over to them and they’re like they called her.

They said, oh, look at Sasha Obama. She was so excited to see yes, they thought it was Sasha Obama. So listen to what Aisha wrote on the Daily Mail. She said, Dear Daily Mail, UK, I very much appreciate you mistakenly for the lovely 20-year-old Sasha Obama. I’ll assume that was due to my buoyant youthful appearance and not just messy journalism, so she wrote we don’t all look alike.

“Dear @DailyMailUK: I VERY much appreciate you mistaking me for the lovely 20-year-old Sasha Obama,” Aisha tweeted on Feb. 27. “I’ll assume that was due to my buoyant, youthful appearance & not just messy journalism.”

Speaker 1 (01:29)

“All I’m saying is you’re mistaken for a 20-year-old. She should embrace that on it. She should embrace it. But you know why they did it? It wasn’t because she does look younger. You know what? They just didn’t know it was. Okay.”

Remy Ma Launches Historic All-Female Battle Rap League

Remy Ma is contributing more than just tracks to the hip-hop games. We already know she’s acting. You directed her in our debut, but over the weekend she launched Chrome 23. This is the first women’s battle rap League.

So women are going to wrap and you got to go to Chrome 23, the website, or go to YouTube channel. But I just think she brings so much to the business as a female, so that’s kind of cool.

‘Euphoria’ Is Now HBO’s Second-Most Watched Series…EVER!

One more thing. Euphoria is now HBO’s second most-watched show since 2004. What was the first? The number one watch. I knew you were going to ask. We don’t know. Go ahead. You do. One of Russ’s favorite shows that you watch now is Game of Thrones.





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