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Netflix Canada’s Twitter account throws it back to this iconic Missy Elliott cameo from the 2003 dance romance film Honey. The legendary artist caught wind of the tweet and fans realized there are a few more layers to her brief cameo than we would have imagined.

Missy Elliott revealed that she could not remember her lines so she improvised the entire scene, and the director decided to keep it. She retweets the post with her caption, “Funfact…because I was messing up on my lines I was like bump it I’m just gonna freestyle this whole part of the top of my head and they just kept it.”

The artist, producer and songwriter remains active on Twitter often sharing little known facts about her career over the years. It is no surprise that she completely free-styled this entire scene, because she is responsible for writing many of the iconic ’90s and ’00s songs fans know and love today. Her creativity and ability to adapt to any space she occupies, whether it be a past session with Beyoncé or the movie set of Honey, is inspiring.

In the clip from the movie, Missy is demanding to have Honey Daniels, who is portrayed by Jessica Alba, choreograph her show. Instead, she’s met with world-renowned choreographer Laurieann Gibson, who plays a choreographer named Katrina in the film. Missy goes on to adlib this hilarious line in the scene, “I don’t care if she just showed Michael Jackson how to Harlem shake.”

Missy’s lack of enthusiasm to work with one of the best in the dance industry, and someone who happens to be her friend in real life, is what makes this scene even funnier. Missy Elliott even mocks her “sexy” dance moves.

That’s how you make use of your time in a film. Show them how it’s done Missy! Watch the clip from the film below.

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