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With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcing the new guidelines for fully vaccinated people, the thought of living life like before has many nervous to go mask-less.

The Guardian got the opinions of a few fully vaccinated people on not wearing a mask in public spaces anymore. Francesca, a 46-year-old professor, does not plan on getting rid of her face mask that she says has been a “invisibility cloak” in helping to blend in. “Maybe it’s because I’m a New Yorker or maybe it’s because I always feel like I have to present my best self to the world, but it has been such a relief to feel anonymous,” she said. “It’s like having a force field around me that says ‘don’t see me’.”

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Francesca isn’t the only one. Becca Marshalla, 25, who works at a bookstore near Chicago told The Guardian, “It’s a common consensus among my co-workers that we prefer not having customers see our faces. Oftentimes when a customer is being rude or saying off-color political things, I’m not allowed to grimace or ‘make a face’ because that will set them off. With a mask, I don’t have to smile at them or worry about keeping a neutral face.” After more than a year of the coronavirus pandemic, many have found specific reasons to keep their masks on their face. Whether it’s for personal reasons like Francesca and Becca or strictly for the health of yourself and others, as restrictions continue to be lifted, it’s okay to be reluctant about giving up these life-saving pieces of cloth.

Mali African Print Black Mudcloth Wired Head wrap + Mask

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Many businesses have shifted their products to creating masks that will go with every outfit and design out there. We’ve also seen athletes like Naomi Osaka, take advantage of the power that the masks give in bringing awareness.

Naomi Osaka's Breonna Taylor Mask

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While we continue to venture through the rest of 2021, the even newer new normal is creeping on us pretty quickly but continuing to stay safe has to remain as the priority. Let us know your thoughts, will you continue to wear your mask or are you ready to leave it in the past?

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