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Who remembers Natasha Bedingfield? Bedingfield is the Pop singer who released the single “Unwritten” in 2004, which was nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the Grammy’s. There’s a new remixed version of the song that has become a viral TikTok trend, and Natasha Bedingfield is joining in on the fun for herself. What we didn’t realize is that Natasha has a body on her and apparently she’s been carrying the wagon since she hit the scene in the early 2000’s. Social media is simply years behind.

The Grammy-nominated songstress noticed her song began trending on TikTok. Bedingfield decided it was time to join the challenge and recreate the video, showing her fans she’s still got moves.

We’re surprised too! Who knew she had all that back there?

Apparently, Natasha says she’s been working with her body-ody-ody for ages and her fans are late to the body party. One Twitter user said, “Now why Natasha ain’t tell us it was more than sunshine in ha pockets?”

One of her fans commented on the TikTok video Natasha recreated asking, “Bruh did she always have that wagon.” Bedingfield responded, “Thanks yes actually always.” Well, if you didn’t know, Natasha isn’t holding back any longer.

The joy is seeing social media’s reaction to both her song’s latest resurgence from the early 2000’s and fans realizing what she’s been working with all along.

Who knew you could crip walk to “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield?

Not the clap wagon.

“Unwritten” is truly an anthem and we will never let it go.

Natasha had a few bangers in her discography and each song was almost always accompanied by a soulful choir.

Bedingfield’s success definitely stemmed from her soulful sounds and attracted fans from all walks of life. What an impact! Hopefully with newfound discoveries on social media, Bedingfield will be open to releasing some new anthems for 2021. Until then let’s revisit the classic song that has taken over TikTok.

One time for Natasha Bedingfield everyone.

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