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Less than a week after a D.C. man was killed during a carjacking attempt orchestrated by two underage girls, two 13-year-old teenage boys were arrested and charged with two counts of armed carjacking on Saturday.

The first attempt took place on Friday in the Northwest quadrant at 7:10 p.m. An hour and 30 minutes later, the teens carjacked another vehicle less than three minutes away.

The teenage boys allegedly approached the first car brandishing a handgun, prompting the driver to flee. However after getting inside they could not figure out how to start the car and left the scene. In the second carjacking, the teens fled the scene with the car, but were tracked and arrested by police the next morning.

The events over the weekend raised concerns local community members who point to an uptick of carjackings involving juveniles in the DMV area. According to WRC-TV, out of the 95 vehicle thefts which took place in D.C. this year, at least 19 involved juveniles.

Earlier this year the FBI launched a task force to help investigate and curb the rise in numbers. While the events happen at random, authorities believe perpetrators are targeting routine errand runners, delivery drivers and rideshare participants.

Authorities are trying to find a link to the increased violence when Washington D.C. which has one of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Assault weapons and and high-capacity magazines are banned and open carry is prohibited. As the current law stands, you must be at least 21 years old to get a concealed carry license in D.C.

Last week a D.C. a food delivery driver named Mohammad Anwar, 66, was killed after two girls, aged 13 and 15, carjacked him near Nationals Park. He died after police claimed they used a stun gun to obtain the vehicle, causing the car to flip. Authorities were able to pull the girls from the car, but Anwar died at a local hospital after he was thrown from the vehicle.

Authorities arrested and charged the teens with felony murder and armed carjacking, according to The Washington Post.

The deadly encounter was captured on video and sparked debates over whether the event should be deemed an “accident.”


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