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At 49-years-young, Regina King makes aging look like a walk in the park. The award-winning actress and director may be turning 50 in January, but her skin has yet to catch up to her age. As an advocate for skin health, Regina has partnered with Vaseline for their new ‘Equitable Skincare For All’ project, in efforts to improve the skin health for people of color.

Black and Brown communities often suffer from lack of resources when it comes to medical assistance. This includes dermatologists. As a result, these communities suffer the most when it comes to addressing skin conditions or general acne problems. Regina will put a lot of time and dedication into educating the Black and Brown communities on the best skin care practices through this initiative.

When it comes to managing healthy skin, Regina shares the age-old secret that keeps us all looking like adult infants. She’s passed that secret onto her 21-year-old son, Ian Alexander Jr. “I don’t know what it is with men wanting to make sure that their bodies are moisturized,” she said in an Interview with POPSUGAR. “I would say that facial skin care — he’s paid attention [to me], and he’s received that very well. His knuckles may be white from not always keeping his hands moisturized, but he definitely understands the importance of keeping his face clean. He doesn’t feel any shame in using skin-care or face-care products or having two or three different things on his vanity.”

Keeping your skin moisturized is one of the key factors to maintaining young, healthy skin. A well-hydrated face in your 20’s will result in flawless skin in your 30’s and beyond. I’m excited to see the direction of the Equitable Skincare For All initiative. This has the potential to bridge the gap between unaffordable skin care options and the Black/Brown communities.


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