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Oreo Cookies on a store shelf...

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Oreo has an incredible new flavor that is going to help kick off 2021 with those positive vibes a lot of us could use right now.

The popular cookie brand will be appearing for a short time starting next month, and unlike the some of the other new flavors, this one could have even more people excited.

From Delish:

For those who don’t know, a brookie is exactly what it sounds like: It’s half-brownie, half-cookie, and 100 percent delicious. Oreo is taking all that flavor and cramming it into their classic cookie and we couldn’t be more excited.

There is also going to be a multi-layered filling in the cookies that will consist of brownie and cookie dough flavors with its own regular stuf filling.

One Instagram user has already got a look at the amazing new flavor:

The new “Brookie-O” Oreo cookies are slated to appear in January of 2021.


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Article Courtesy of Delish

First Picture Courtesy of Newscast and Getty Images

Second Picture Courtesy of SOPA Images and Getty Images

Third and Fourth Picture Courtesy of Instagram and Delish

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