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Reporter Finally Asks Donald Trump If He Regrets Lying All The Time?


For nearly four years, we have watched in horror as Donald Trump, and his cronies stepped up to the people’s podium in the White House briefing room and spewed lies. One reporter has had enough and finally asked Trump the question his fellow colleagues should have been asked him.

Huffington Post journalist, Shirish (S.V.) Dáte risked it all yesterday during Donald Trump’s rally events disguised as “coronavirus briefings” and asked Trump the one question honestly we have all wanted to ask the orange menace.

When Date got called on by the so-called president to present his question, he asked:

“Mr. President, after three-and-a-half years, do you regret at all, all the lying you’ve done to the American people? On everything?”

You can literally see the question took Trump by surprise, and he tried to play it off like he didn’t hear it by responding, “All the what?” Date followed-up and said with his chest, “All the LYING. All the dishonesties.” Again Trump pretended like he had no idea who Date could be referring to by saying, “That who has done?” Date then made sure to put more base in his voice to hammer home that he was referring to orange Mussolini, further clarifying that he was calling out Trump adding “That YOU have done. Tens of thousands…”

We can all see Trump knew he was finally getting called out on his pathological lying and was taken back by Date even going there. Instead of answering the question, Trump ignored and called on another reporter.

Sadly the next reporter that was called on didn’t even attempt to follow-up, insisting that Trump answer Dáte’s relevant question, instead opting to ask a useless one about payroll taxes.

In a tweet following the briefing, Dáte revealed that he has wanted to ask the president that question for five years.

Trump did not have had time to answer Dáte’s question. BUT he did make sure to return his racist playbook and questioning if Senator Kamala Harris is a United States citizen after he was asked about the Newsweek op-ed article that pushed birtherism. Something Donald is very familiar with, he built his initial campaign on it if we keep ing it a buck by posing the same nonsense conspiracy theory when it came to our forever president, Barack Obama.

Anyway, we hope Dáte is still allowed in the White House briefing room cause clearly he is one of the few reporters not name Yamiche Alcindor willing to hold Trump accountable for the lies and the nonsense he says daily.


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