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Gilbert Arenas didn’t earn the nickname No Chill Gil by staying out the way– of course not! giArenas got his nickname because of his propensity to say outlandish things that get the people going.

Gilbert isn’t really stirring any big pots here, but he is calling Lou Williams out for stopping by Magic City to get some wings with a flavor named explicitly after him.

“I would never eat at a strip club. I don’t go to the strip club to eat wings,” Gilbert told TMZ. “I can go to Wing Stop for some wings. I go to the strip club to see strippers.”

I would just like to throw it out there that I don’t even think Wing Stop wings are all that great. Anyway, I’m not totally sure why Gilbert Arenas is acting like it’s a forbidden sin to eat chicken wings at a strip club, as I’ve heard plenty of stories about the wings at gentlemen clubs being top-notch.

Lou Williams is currently under investigation for breaking quarantine for allegedly visiting Atlanta’s famed strip club Magic City. How does the NBA know this happened? Well, a photo surfaced online when a “rapper” named Jack Harlow shared a photo of Lou Will at the fine dining establishment.

Nonetheless, Gilbert continued to talk about how some of the players were holding up inside the bubble and even called some of them primadonnas.

“You’re talking about grown men, 85 percent of them single, and you have them locked up at Disney World?” Arenas said.

He added: “[They’re] prima donnas right now.”

During his time in the NBA, Gilbert Arenas earned three All-NBA selections (one second-team and two third-team) and three All-Star selections during an 11-year career that included stops with the Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, Orlando Magic, and Memphis Grizzlies.

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